FLoating pumps and strainers amphibio

Amphibio floating pumps we have developed belong to the absolute top and are used by firefighters all over the world to refill tanks, eliminate floods or extinguish fires. Thanks to the large tank, you can pump long enough. We also have a model with remote control which makes it easier to use the pump from shore, so you can comfortably start and stop the pump whenever you need to and you no longer have to worry about unwanted soaking in water during handling the pump.

Fire truck pumps and portable fire pumps can easily become clogged or even damaged if dirt that is at the bottom or on the very surface of the water surface (stones, leaves, etc.) enters them. That is why we offer our customers Amphibio floating suction strainersThey use them to draw only clean water from a natural source, thus protecting expensive technology. Amphibio floating suction strainers. This very compact floating suction strainer can be used for long-distance transport of water, refilling tanks, drainage or complete drying of wetlands, or fire fighting.