We think timelessly, beyond technology.

We manufacture and supply equipment for the Integrated Rescue System. Our products serve to save the lives and property of people around the world, and therefore must meet the high demands of our customers. We try to offer something extra and move forward technologically. The initial letters ZHT therefore mean "Za Hranice Technologie" (beyond technology border). Since we also export our products abroad and to make sense to foreigners, we also use the name "Zabransky High Technology“.


  Helping those who help others.

The main mission of our company is to help. We value the work of those who put their lives on the line to save others. That is why we manufacture and supply products to make this work easier for them.
We prefer a personal approach to get to know our customers and their needs well. The values we are digging for are expertise, growth, integrity and courage.


  We hear out your problems. We offer complete solution.

  • In our portofilio you will find various modifications of special vehicles, superstructures, tanks or special trailers according to customer requirements.
  • We also produce floating pumps and floating strainers plus other components for the rescue system.
  • We cooperate with Czech and foreign partners and leading suppliers.
  • Thanks to this, we can propose a specific solution for your problem. Not only will we supply you with special equipment, but we will also help you with how to use it properly and ensure that it will serve its purpose for many years to come.



  We care about the environment. Our products are made from green energy with zero waste.

Our production plant is equipped with a large solar power plant. We use solar energy for the production of our products and accumulate the rest of the energy in batteries, from which we charge electric cars. The material for the production of special superstructures is fully recyclable. We return all waste from the production of superstructures to the manufacturer who uses it again.

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