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Clean water pickup from natural sources

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filling up water tenders and pumping out flood water

AMPHIBIO floating pumps MORE INFO

REscue tools

TNT, RHYNO, PACKEXE rescue tools


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lifting heavy objects

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Transport of water during floods and fires



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Our motto:

   We find the best solution for your problem!


We are a Czech company that develops and manufactures plastic superstructures for special vehicles, floating pumps and strainers. We focus on the production and sale of products for rescue services. We are constantly learning, innovating and offering solutions that are beyond technology.

  • We hear out your problems. We offer a complete solution.
  • We think timelessly, beyond technology.
  • We care about the environment. Our products are made from green energy with zero waste.
  • We approach each order individually. We will realize your specific ideas.
  • We adhere to the deadlines to which we have committed ourselves.
  • We care about your satisfaction in the long run. Our care for you does not end with the sale.
We think timelessly, beyond technology.
We care about the environment.
We offer a complete solution.
We hear out your problems.
We help those who help others.
ZHT products are made from green energy and are recyclable.


We focus on the production and sale of products for rescue services. We cooperate with leading manufacturers of firefighting equipment - with the Japanese company TOHATSU and the American company PARATECH which we represent on our market.

Advantages of Polymodule superstructures
  • Weight
    Do you have problems with an overloaded vehicle?
  • Chemicals
    Are you bothered by corrosion of superstructures and tanks?
  • Impact resistance
    Is low durability of the superstructure an issue?
  • Lifespane
    Are you bothered by the short life cycle of the superstructure?

Our ZHT copolymer superstructures excel in high strength, extended service life, much better physical properties and, last but not least, high temperature resistance against both low and high temperatures.


advantages of Tohatsu pumps

  • Low weight 
  • Is your pump carried by 4 people?
  • High performance   
  • Are you bothered by insufficient performance?
  • Reliability   
  • Can't rely on your own machine?

Unrivaled light weight and exceptional performance combined with easy operation and maintenance are the advantages of Tohatsu portable fire pumps. 

tohatsu new
Advantages of air lifting bags
  • Chemickal resistance
    Are you worried about using a lifting bag when in contact with chemicals
  • Significant lift height
    Have you encountered the problem of insufficient lift height?
  • Manipulation
    Do you feel unsafe placing a bag under an unstable load?
  • Low insertion height
    Has minimum space limited you when placing the bag under the lifted load?

Paratech lifting bags are extremely strong in terms of lifting loads as well as safe in terms of handling. 

Advantages of floating suction baskets
  • Clean water
    Has pumping dirt ever damaged your pump?
  • Low water lever
    Has a low lever of water source ever caused you problems?
  • Suction ability 1.5 cm from the bottom
    Do you have a problem with pumping water from the bottom of flooded areas?

The AMPHIBIO floating suction strainer is a device for portable pumps or stationary vehicle pump. This floating strainer is designed to draw water directly from the water surface. Its use is versatile, from extinguishing fires, through draining flooded areas to filling up water tenders.

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Advantages of stabilization equipment
  • Safety, speed
     How critical is the speed of rescuing a submerged person to you?
  • Variability
    & nbsp; Troubleshooting building stabilization?
  • Heavy vehicles
    Is the stabilization of heavy road and rail vehicles an issue?
  • The speed and safety of stabilization together with the huge load capacity of the stabilization struts is a matter of course with the PARATECH brand.
stabilization new 222
Advantages of floating pumps
  • Operating
    Have you experienced problems operating floating pumps?
  • Tank
    Are you tired of filling the fuel tank all the time?
  • Ergonomics
    Do you have problems with stowage inside your vehicle?
  • Performance
    Does filling the water tank in your fire truck take a long time?

Our floating pumps are ideal for pumping from flooded areas, streams, ponds and hard to reach water sources. We also offer the function of starting the pump via remote control. Due to the design of the float, you cannot sink the pump.  

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